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This guy is everywhere. Literally.

I don’t want to ignite a debate over whether Warhol was the greatest creative mind of the 20th Century or just a greedy little hustler with a successful angle. All I’m saying is that I don’t want to look at his deranged-looking “coming-down-off-an-amphetamine-jag” face or one of his inane works of art every time open a web page.”  You can like him if you want. Enough is enough.

If you were to go the the Arts page on the Huffington Post, you’re first confronted with this

Then this:

If you open the article about his house being for sale (now THERE’S some important news), you get this:

It’s no different anywhere you go in the online world of Arts Journalism. I’m almost certain that the last half of the American Century produced one or two artists of at least passing interest. Warhol Inc. can pay for it’s own publicity.

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