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Cliche’ of the century (so far) – we live in a global economy. True as that may be, people don’t live at the macroeconomic scale, they live in neighborhoods, communities, cities.

Whenever we pronounce the economic “recovery” complete, be it in two years or 10, a lot of people will be left outside the tent. All the 50-something manufacturing workers who’ve been cast aside in the last decade or two will be the ones left without chairs when the music stops. They’re just collateral damage in the “readjustment” of employment patterns in America. Tough luck, buddy, but your job ain’t coming back. We don’t make things here anymore.

These are the guys who did everything that was asked of them. They showed up and did their jobs, took their vacations, and raised families. But the American Dream that they were taught to believe in during those innocent days of childhood has been revised. We’re concerned about stockholders and dividends now, not people.

Goodbye to the America that I knew as a child. Hello, New World Order.


Untitled (©2011 by Richard X. Moore)

Untitled (©2011 by Richard X. Moore)

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