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My website has been up now for a few weeks. It’s starting very slowly, like this blog, but people are coming and spending some time there. It’s all I could really ask for.

I noticed yesterday that I had put up 99  images since launching the site last month. I wanted to do something really special for #100, something that would mark the significance of the occasion and would set a tone, realizing all the time that I was the only person on the planet to whom the event was at all important.

I am distracted, though. Distracted by the question of why a sitting Member of Congress would twitter a picture of his dick to someone other than his wife.  I find myself wondering what Gaddafi thinks he’s waiting for as NATO assets rough up his army now and again and the wolves are baying at his door. I can’t help but ponder why the head of the IMF would try to rape a hotel housekeeper. Or why anyone at all would watch Crazy Bimbos of Baton Rouge on Bravo. Jesus, there are terrible questions flying around the globe unanswered. How can think about my own little world at such a tumultuous time?

In the name of my art, I must. Rather than add to the depression and misery and chaos and downright dumbass stupidity that dominate the American, indeed, the GLOBAL consciousness, I’m going in the other direction. Summer and peace and happiness and warm afternoons by the water.


Horselick Creek: Oscar, Timothy, and Sparky (©2009 by Richard X. Moore"

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