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The magic of rainy days comes in the form of introspection. I tend to sit in darkened rooms, curtains drawn, and let my mind wander where ever it cares to. Sometimes these mental trips aren’t fun, but the mind does what it wants without seeking any advice from me, or even heeding whatever suggestions I might want to offer.

We’re being treated to more inclement weather today, which is fine with me because I was getting sick of watering the garden twice a day.  I want to thank Dear Mother Nature for giving me this excuse to remain inside. I think I’ll do some framing today; a simple mechanical task that I can handle while my brain is out for it’s walkabout. Yesterday, Father’s Day, it visited my Dad, who has been dead for 38 years now. Maybe today will be a bit more pleasant, but I can only hope. I’m only a rider. I don’t get to decide.

Stormy Day: Pig on Rain Barrel (©2011 by Richard X. Moore)



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