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What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a story,
And the greatest good is little enough:
for all life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams.
Pedro Calderon de la Barca (1600 – 1681)

My Hometown #5: Shadows (©2012Richard X. Moore)

I can’t explain why I normally shun the brightest of days. Mostly, I like my light filtered through clouds, even and soft and illuminating everything like some great visual democracy. Bright light and deep shadow seem somehow unfair to my eye.

My Hometown #6: Shadows (©2012 Richard X. Moore)

I see things first as shape and texture. Details come to me only after I’ve studied a scene for a little white. I “credit” my visual impairment for this. Details take hard work. Shadows make that work so much harder for me, so maybe I’m avoiding the challenge instead of just embracing it.

My Hometown #7: Shadows (©2012 Richard X. Moore)

Not this day. I ventured out with a bright sun hung low in the winter sky and not a cloud to be seen. That sun drew lines on walls and on the crisp white snow as if it were a well-sharpened pencil. The lines, the forms, they told different stories from the ones I might have learned from the soft gray world I usually occupy.

My Hometown #8: Shadows (©2012 Richard X. Moore)

This world, this beautiful world of shadows and light, I won’t ever see it exactly as I saw it yesterday. Each moment appears and then vanishes into the past. Life is motion. Time is a long dream, a parade of moments strung together like pearls. I take them in and make them mine and they write their words on the pages of my small life, here in a place where difficult times have come.

My Hometown #9: Shadows (©2012 Richard X. Moore)


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