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There’s just something about planting flowers as the weather warms that makes you feel more attuned to the rhythms of Earth. Even more so than planting vegetables. Tomatoes and peppers and beans are so utilitarian. Flowers exist to fulfill a deeper need.

Today I share a painting by little-known American Impressionist John Leslie Breck (1860 – 1899). Breck spent some time in France and was a close associate of Claude Monet until he directed his amorous attentions toward Monet’s stepdaughter. He returned to the US around in 1891 or 1892 and died in 1899, possibly a suicide.

Enjoy Breck’s Garden at Giverney, painted during his years with Monet, before his infatuation with the lovely Blanche Hoschedé changed his life forever.

Garden at Giverny (John Leslie Breck, Date Unknown)


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