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When you examine the history and development of Impressionism, all roads seem to lead to Camille Pissaro (1830-1903). He was, for many painters of the Impressionist school, a teacher, a mentor, and a friend. Cezanne though of him as a father. Mary Cassatt so respected his teaching ability that she once observed that he could teach a stone to draw.

The Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning (Camille Pissaro, 1897)

Pissaro’s influence can be traced from the beginnings of Impressionism all the way through the work of Post-Impressionists like van Gogh and Seurat. Although he was eclipsed by his peers and artistic descendants, he was a cornerstone in one of the most revolutionary art movements in history.  Both respected and beloved by his peers, Pisarro is an artist to be remembered.



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