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I am an artist. Photography is my medium, but I’m voraciously interested in all things visual. My creative impulses are strong and ephemeral. I have recently returned to Central Michigan, the cradle of my youth, for whatever that might be worth. My eye lives everywhere.

I have a pretty democratic view of art. Art is intent communicated in a number of ways, involving all of the senses, including senses we don’t know we have. It is conscious and unconscious, precious and worthless, rare and common. Art is not technique, it is vision. Craft skills can go no farther than the inspiration.

Comments are welcome and encouraged, with the following caveat: if you’re disrespectful or obnoxious, you’ll get deleted.

All art is not good. In fact, some of it is horrible, shocking, repulsive, or just plain dull.  Always it is meaningful, although the meaning often escapes the viewer and sometimes even the creator.

Let the good times roll.


PS: you can view more of my work at my website. You can even buy some of you are so inclined. Thanks in advance for looking.

The Artist in Question: 2003


  1. Enjoyed the artwork you posted Rick….you’re right anout the winter of 2013/14, or is it always that way and time erroded our ability to cope???

  2. What a great 100th picture, I hope it brings joy to others.

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