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Moonrise and Chaos (©2010 Richard X. Moore)

Our world is a busy place, all accidents and chaos, and we are frail and vain. Be happy when you find your calm place in the warmth of the sun. Hold on to it with all the strength you can manage.


Untitled (©2010 by Richard X. Moore)


The past seems realer than the present to me now
I’ve got memories to last me
When the sky is gray
The way it is today
I remember the times when I was happy

Same old sun
Same old moon
It’s the same old story
Same old tune
They all say
Someday soon
My sins will all be forgiven
Gentle rain
Falls on me
All life folds back
Into the sea
We contemplate eternity
Beneath the vast indifference of heaven

Words courtesy of the late Warren Zevon.