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A precious day off has been reconfigured by the rain. Most of what I had planned to do today was outdoors so I find myself instead sitting at my desk, watching the birds flit around in the trees outside my window. They look busy in the small spaces between the branches,  pausing from time to time to shake the water off their wings.

Rain nourishes the earth. Sometimes I think that rain nourishes the mind because it has me reflecting back over the last two years and recalling a life changing dramatically, first at light-speed and then unfolding slowly, day by day, and delivering me to the present as someone else, someone I barely recognize but like a lot.

Each day has something fresh and exciting to offer. Even the wet and dreary ones. Approach them all with arms open wide.

Rain in the Oak Grove (Ivan Shishkin, 1891)

Rain in the Oak Grove (Ivan Shishkin, 1891)