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Garden Shoes #1 (©2011 by Richard X. Moore)

I have been in need of new garden shoes all year and Teri finally came through for me. To replace my decaying, ugly-as-hell battered hiking boots with no insides and broken laces, she graciously brought me these beauties, Size 14 slip-ons from Taiwan or Sri Lanka or wherever they make these shoes nowadays.

The problem is that besides being huge (14 is a bit big, even for me), they’re WHITE. No, they’re beyond white;  they occupy some color universe that doesn’t even exist to the human eye. AND, they resist getting dirty like they repel dirt with a hidden force field.

Their whiteness has become my Everest. I will make these shoes stained and filthy before the end of the summer. I will NOT harvest greasy beans and cayenne peppers with shoes this damned white. I have standards.