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I’m reaching a broader public now. More than 400 people have visited this blog since I started it in October, 2010.

I’d been watching it creep up into the high 390s, waiting for the day when that barrier would be broken. Somehow I spaced it out for a few days and now I have 403 views. I missed the big day, which was probably the day before yesterday.The latest search term to bring someone here was “dogs shooting pool,” so I know I’m reaching only the most dedicated aficionados of the fine arts.

Truth be told, I’m probably about 350 of those 403 visitors myself. Even though they claim they don’t record my own visits. I’m not sure I believe them.

I hope, dear readers, that you’re enjoying this as much as I am. And I mean both of you!


Greetings from Berea, Kentucky (©2011 by Richard X. Moore)

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